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Meridian Vein & Pain

Cutting-Edge Care, Advanced Vein & Pain Management Specialists

Experience exceptional healthcare with cutting-edge technology designed to treat venous diseases and chronic pain conditions effectively. Meridian Vein and Pain specialises in minimally invasive, image-guided interventional radiology treatments. We offer state-of-the-art procedures for venous disease and comprehensive chronic pain management solutions, ensuring optimal care and outcomes for all our patients.


Leading the Way in Vein & Pain Management, with International Expertise

Meet Dr. Amit Lakkaraju, the driving force behind Meridian Vein and Pain. A fellowship-trained radiologist with deep expertise in musculoskeletal and venous diseases, Dr. Lakkaraju began his career in orthopedics before transitioning to radiology in 2004. He completed prestigious fellowships in Leeds and Liverpool, enhancing his skills with a Pain Medicine degree from the University of Sydney. His commitment extends globally, having attended numerous international courses on interventional pain procedures. Specialising in sports and functional imaging as well as venous treatments, Dr. Lakkaraju brings a comprehensive approach to patient care.

Advanced Vein & Pain Management for Optimal Health Outcomes

At Meridian Vein and Pain, patients receive top-tier care through advanced, minimally invasive treatments that target and alleviate the underlying causes of chronic pain and venous diseases. Our specialists use the latest technology to ensure optimal outcomes and enhanced quality of life.

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Get back on track with advanced Vein & Pain Management, no GP Referral required!